Operation Concrete Jungle
A fan-made Rainbow Six Siege operation.


Core Team

  • @hanjosi – Project lead and main artist, voice acting (Rose) (Inventor, Extreme Overlord, and R6 Server Fixer)
  • @joeyfjj – Project co-lead, web design, writing and art (Doin a lil’ bit of everything, and Wamai enthusiast)
  • @mrkingsudo – Voice acting (Mantis)
  • @HeyItsLane_SL – Lore writing, editing and proofreading
  • @DawnOfShadow – Gadget design and 3D modelling
  • @KuroNinji – Character design, backstory and map design
  • @alfiebanks14 – Operator loadout and gadget design
  • @RonyTheMLGPro – Operator loadout and gadget design
  • @mrneverm0re – Proofreading and backstory
  • Peetey02 – Operator loadout, gadget and map design
  • @JedOIsen – Proofreading and editing

Special thanks to...

Creative works

Original artwork and writing in the project were created by members of the core team listed above. These includes works which were created referencing real-life objects.

Artwork and music were also commissioned and contributed from other creators. Credit for these artists is provided in the captions.

Third-party resources

Background textures from Textures.com.

Background image on operator profile pages by Marcus Neto via Unsplash.

Background image for elite sets by Ed Robertson via Unsplash.

The teaser clips contain audio files from SoundBible.com and Freesound.