Operation Concrete Jungle
A fan-made Rainbow Six Siege operation.

Concrete Jungle

In Operation Concrete Jungle, Team Rainbow is joined by two elite operators from the Naresuan 261 CTU of the Royal Thai Police, as they descend upon the busy commercial district of Bangkok.

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Meet Mantis and Rose

Apart from being fellow teammates on Team Rainbow, Rin and Beam are siblings, growing up in Thai suburbs together.

Learn more about the Tangtrongchit family, and their unique paths that led to them joining Team Rainbow.

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2 new operators

Flag of Thailand

Two elite operators from the Royal Thai Police, Rose and Mantis, will be joining Team Rainbow for Operation Concrete Jungle.

Mantis operator icon



Ritthirong (Beam) Tangtrongchit (ริทิรง ตราตรงจิต)

Beam, codenamed Mantis, is a senior engineering specialist with the Naresuan 261 CTU of the Royal Thai Police. He was required to join the military at 21 as a conscript, serving 2 years in Thailand’s troubled southern regions, and opted to continue serving after his term expired. While on break one summer, he took part in an engineering course overseas, studying under Elena María Álvarez’s care. After returning from the course, Beam focused on creating gadgets for his reserve to use, which proved beneficial. This resulted in him being promoted, and eventually ending up as a part of the Naresuan 261 Special Operations Unit.

His term studying under the mentorship of Álvarez and his ability to create gadgets to solve problems faced by his unit led to his superiors’ nomination for him to join Team Rainbow.

Unique Ability

Gadget: PM-5 Parasite

Mantis’ PM-5 Parasite is a small insect-like robotic device which can be deployed on surfaces. When a defender enters its activation radius, the Parasite leaps and grasps onto the victim, dealing small amounts of damage over time and causing them to be unable to sprint. The device also emits a hissing noise, which can alert defenders to its presence.

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Rose operator icon



Arinya (Rin) Tangtrongchit (อารินยา ตราตรงจิต)

Rin, codenamed Rose, is an experienced front-line officer with the Naresuan 261 CTU of the Royal Thai Police. She joined the Royal Thai Armed Forces officer cadet programme at the age of 21. She was heavily involved in front-line crowd control operations during her service. After being posted for training at the Police Academy, she underwent training with the Royal Thai Police, and was then assigned to the Naresuan 261 Special Operations Unit.

Throughout her deployments, her consistent ability to remain calm and analytical even in the most dangerous situations caught the attention of her commanding officers, and Rin was invited to join Team Rainbow in their operation against an international smuggling ring.

Unique Ability

Gadget: Thorn Bush

Rose’s Thorn Bush is a fortification which deploys to form a half-wall, providing solid cover. Similar to a deployable shield, it can be placed freely or in a doorway. However, it is wider than a regular shield, allowing it to span wider areas such as a small hallway. Apart from providing cover for defenders, it can also be used to impede attackers – the integrated barbed wire forces attackers to vault over it slowly, putting them at risk and making noise at the same time.

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New map: Mall

The authorities have acquired intel of a sophisticated international smuggling ring dealing in highly restricted chemicals. They are reported to be operating out of units in a mall in downtown Bangkok, and Team Rainbow has been called in to secure the shipment and to gather intel on the organisation.

Explore the Mall

Concrete Jungle Weapon Skins

Operation Concrete Jungle will be launched with a set of seasonal weapon skins, celebrating the diversity and vibrancy of Thai culture.

This season’s weapon skins features the mythical Naga, traditional Lai Thai patterns, and celebrates the more playful side of Thai culture with Songkran.

Mantis and Rose Elite Sets

Honour Thai heritage with Mantis' elite set, as he dons the Monarchy uniform, a homage to people of the Naresuan era.

Rose's elite set, with her Cadet uniform, is a reminder of her days in the Police Academy, where she solidified her expertise in front-line crowd control.